Nov. 27th, 2011 10:27 am
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I just had caffeinated bacon. That is all.
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If I were going to actually number the top ten to reflect order of favourite-ness, this song would definitely be in my personal top 3. I certainly can't think of one I like better when it comes to pure raw feeling, and being able to dance to it. You notice I don't tend to gravitate toward the weepy whiny side of breaking up, which is why I bring you Mr. Bitterness...

There will be no lyrics as they are built into the video, which I promise is not the Karaoke version, though I really wish I had that too. Sadly a Karaoke version does not seem to exist or I'd be delivering it to [livejournal.com profile] dj_fos already.

Yeah, so what, I sing Karaoke now... It's not like I'm doing it in hopes of trying out to be the next Canada's Got Asshats or whatever. There's beer, and singing, and hilarity, and I don't suck at singing, so it's fun. Don't make fun of me, or I'll send you recordings of the people who DO suck. I'm serious! Alternately, if you're a local you could be coming out to make fun of me yourself, every Wednesday night at Club Ren, right across from the Kitchener bus terminal. I won't even make you sing! Though I might buy Renee a beer if she makes you. ;D
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It's been a rather long time since I posted a new song to the list, and today I found this beautiful acoustic version of a Copeland song that means a lot to me, so proudly I bring you "No One Really Wins This Time" (PS, there is no video, just a still of the album cover)

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I think it is hilarious when someone with really huge personal problems dies, mostly because of the reactions of certain people.... Let's talk about Amy Winehouse as an example.

Yes, I put up a video as a tribute. I do this because A) I like Amy Winehouse's music, and B) I have a lot of sympathy for broken people who can still create amazing music at the same time, probably because I'm a really broken person who still tries to create stuff, and I can't seem to make anything as cool as what she's done.

Does my putting up a tribute to her mean that I care more about her than anything else in the world? No, I would have to say most certainly not. Should I then feel bad that I posted about her, instead of, I dunno, issues in the world, or I dunno, the latest study on how global warming affects people's parenting skills? I don't think so.

But certain people seem to get really bent out of shape when other people pay any kind of attention to it when someone with negative personal issues dies, like it is somehow something we should celebrate instead. As a person with a few negative personal issues, that is sort of WHY I post a tribute, since I understand how hard it was for someone like Amy Winehouse to get through a simple day. I understand that eventually it was just too hard for her, and whatever happened probably did happen for that reason, and I don't feel like it's appropriate to just say "well she probably deserved it" just because her pain is now ended.

It's also not appropriate to try to take away the sympathy of others for that person by trying to imply that there are other more important things to talk about than the death of someone with negative personal issues. It's like trying to pretend the only people worth talking about are the people who don't have any of those issues. Turn to the person next to you and ask them if they never heard a story in their home town of a school teacher who turned out to have a terrible drinking or gambling problem, or a mayor with a mistress, or anyone with any kind of secret. Are you so clean that you can't look at Amy Winehouse and not see even the thin shade of something you yourself might have a problem with? She just had more than most people. She also made amazing music that I liked, and I will miss it. I'm sorry other people in the world die, but my journal isn't about the world, it's about me and what I like. You can get over yourself and read something else if you have a problem with that.

Thanks for listening.

Adiam Dymott- Pizza
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Rest in peace, Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse "Tears Dry On Their Own"

"I should be my own best friend, not fuck myself in the head with stupid men..."
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I had an awesome post prepared for this song late on Wednesday night, but my damn browser ate it on Thursday morning. I was trying to be good and not post before work, and so I stayed good and just deleted what was left and went to work instead. Don't hate me.

And speaking of don't-hate-me... Today's break-up song is going to be in my top 3 of all time, since it definitely has special meaning for me. It happens to be the song that [livejournal.com profile] uniquecrash5 sent to me, almost a year after I had broken off our decade+ long relationship. I have always aimed to be a decent person when I have to end a relationship, and I had taken extra care with Crash, not just because of K but because I knew I wanted him to still be my close friend too. There were a few really sticky reasons I knew this would be particularly difficult, and I knew if I wasn't serious about making him still feel my respect and caring for him that I would not be able to live with myself. Considering that he sent me this song after what in Joss Whedon terms would be my Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal (and the subsequent ironic-comedic-but-no-less-inevitable conclusion of same), as an attempt to make me feel better about my life, I would have to say I guess I did what I had set out to do. Proud is not the right word, since what I get when I hear this song is more of a lump in my throat of feeling good that I am smart enough to not hurt people whose love is very important to me.

Joel Plaskett "You Let Me Down"

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It's been on my mind to post this song for a while. I had wanted to write a REAL post with it that went a ways to explain why I adore this particular song, but it is one of those posts that just keep re-writing themselves in your head the longer you ponder it, and the more you hear things around you, especially things happening to other people you care about. Happily I also wanted to post a top ten series of my favourite break-up songs for the very awesome [livejournal.com profile] butterbee, and since that ALSO gives me an awesome excuse to post this song, I will take the excuse route, since I am really too exhausted today to comment on the various other deeper meanings of this song to me in particular, which are still at least partially break up related. Maybe later in the comments I can go into it, but Today is not that day. Today I just need to post it for someone who probably needs a good break-up song right about now. Oh, and the Top Ten is likely to be like a Fred Top Five list (which never ever had 5 things, ever) so I make no promises other than I do have more than 5 in mind! More tomorrow! Today- Shawn Colvin

"Trouble" -Shawn Colvin

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[livejournal.com profile] koogrr, sent me this video a while back, so it's his fault I keep telling people about it, and why I am posting it here for those people now. Never hesitate to question the physics of your favourite show, even if it is animated, with rainbows, and ponies. NEVAR. Because it's awesome! WARNING: This video contains math.

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I was doing some maintenance of my lj lists and it caused me to actually go through my friends and look at who's left of y'all. It is a sign that I am getting older and more secure in who I am that I noticed a LOT of changes there, and only got slightly bent out of shape about one person that deleted me, and then I chuckled and decided I'm not going to be bent out of shape about it since this actually simples up my life up a lot.

That being said.... Yep, I feel pretty zen these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm really still NOT zen about a large number of things, but my LJ is no longer one of the things I am not zen about. If you don't want to read me, that is beyond fine. Just don't spit on me in the street and we're cool. If you've been thinking about removing me, GET DOWN with your bad self already and just do it.

It's national un-friending day on hippy's lj... Enjoy!

(for reference- have the video that made me laugh over on Facebook, which I just hate because it's Facebook) (eta: by which I mean you should watch the video, which is funny as hell, and then go about wildly un-friending people you don't really want to know on facebook, which I think is useless and stinky anyway. not that I hate this video. it is awesome and features william shatner. this is what I get for posting before 7am.)

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So, five minutes after I made my previous post about my Boss' awesomeness and my embarrassing moments at work, I managed to make myself actually LATE for work by, and I'm not kidding when I say this, spilling coffee on one of my cats. That is a reason so dumb you really can't make it up, but it was serious all the same. The coffee in question was brutally fresh and hot, and the cat in question (Purrrl) reacted rather strongly to it being spilled on her, so of course I had to chase her down and drag her up to the bathroom for a soothing cool bath. She hated that too, but at least she no longer had a hot/wet coffee spot on her, and was no longer scared. I knew I should technically email my boss, but yeah, I knew what his reaction was going to be.

When I got to work, they were waiting for me, I tells ya.... It was not because I was late, oh no, they wanted to mock me for being NEW :D We had a really good laugh about that, and I did tell my boss that I really like him, but in the context of his being lucky because that was what kept me from killing him for embarrassing me. *chuckle* Then I finally went ahead and said I wanted to tell him why I was late, and had decided to tell him in person. You already know the punch line, so I won't keep you waiting- His reaction: Doubled over laughing.

That's my boss. :D
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Posted for the beautiful [livejournal.com profile] butterbee, referenced from the conversation we had last night: One of my newer favourite break-up songs from the utterly brilliant but occasionally very fatalistic Aimee Mann. This video cracks me up...

"Calling it Quits"

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Dear Appliance Manufacturers of the World,

We live in the modern world now, not the fifties. People build websites to discuss and describe their products all the time, and so should you. I should not have to spend more than ten minutes on a website of a manufacturer of a product I have purchased but lost/tossed/never had the manual for, just to find out what all six buttons do. SIX BUTTONS. Don't make me call your help line and waste yet more of my precious time, even if it does create a job for some under-appreciated call centre monkey, just to find out that the three non-obvious buttons mean what I think they mean. You should never make me call you if I don't actually have a problem you can help me with. Websites are supposed to be there to answer my utterly stupid questions, not your underpaid monkeys.

Seriously. They are called web designers, and it will actually save you money and hassle to hire some, plus you get to stop looking like pre-internet fossils. It's embarrassing. Stop it.

Thank you for your time.
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Dear Washington,

I miss you.
I want to curl up to your mountains, run my fingers through your pine trees, bury my nose deep in your coffee and inhale until I pass out. I want to climb your steepest hill and watch a vividly dramatic sunset with you. I hate how far away you are...

Much never-ending love,

the bongstocking
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A Not-So-Funny thing happened to me during my really fun weekend...

I got caught in the massive rain storm wearing my glasses (with their handy-dandy reflective coating) and sunscreen (with its fabulous array of chemicals), and the combination of elements began to eat the AR coating right off my lenses, rendering them kinda, well, FUCKED.

Fast forward to later, when having made a couple inquiries, the internet tells me what I need is actually something we sell at work, called Armour Etch, which makes actual glass really damn foggy, but if you rub it all over your poly carbonate eyeglass lens that is having some offensive AR coating wear off, it will be shiny and like new! But also SHINY and did I mention reflective? Oh well. I am sure I can get used to that again, since that was my life for a bjillion years when I was a kid wearing glasses and they didn't have fancy shit like AR coatings and transition lenses still looked stupid.

BUT that's the sad part- My other non-stupid looking transitioning glasses that I thought had the exact same problem? They turn out to have some other kind of problem that is making them bubble that mere etching cream does not seem to want to address. I am trying to google it, but for some reason the word bubbling makes it want to tell me about how it's not smart to soap your camera lenses. SO MUCH DUH.

Any glasses wearers who have had bubbling on the surface coating of their lenses before? I am tempted to start taking other chemicals to them, like sunscreen or nail polish remover, since they were already ruined, so the worst I can do is ruin them more.
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Oy. I can't believe I just did this... This on a week when I don't even have Goodwill money...

I just washed ALL of my work clothes, on what I thought was cold, except it turned out to be set to warm, which on the machine in this building turns out to be OMGvolcanic hot. *sigh* My beige clothing is now spotted blue in many places, and in some cases is just no longer beige in general.

This leaves me A)Wearing a sweater over my remaining black clothes until I can afford to replace them or get a new job, or B)Begging the general populace to have an emergency clothing swap, possibly just with me... :P

I need beige clothing. Beige pants, or skirts, and shirts with collars. I wear a size 12 below and anything from an M to an XL above depending on who makes it and what their standing idea of boobs are.

Help, please? :/
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For [livejournal.com profile] butterbee, and the rest of the agoraphobix crew... :)

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From my monthly Bernat pattern spam: This 'scarf' pattern for mother's day looks suspiciously like a throw rug my mom used to have. I couldn't stop chuckling, and so I share... Does this look work for anyone??

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Total random moment of the day which requires back-story...

Once upon a time I used to be able to sing pretty well, before I was a raging bongstocking that is, and I used to join every choir my school would be running during school hours just so I didn't have to take more boring classes. One of these choirs was lucky enough to be good enough that some people decided it would be fun to take us on neat trips, one of those being all the way to Taiwan. Yes, I got to go to the other side of the planet, just to sing, and I didn't have to pay for it...

While I was there, one of the other members of my choir and I totally randomly ended up at this all boys high school that was having a performance of their choir that day, so we got to crash it. It was amazing because they happened to include a Chinese song we had learned for our trip, so we got the bonus of getting to hear what it should have properly sounded like (when not being butchered by american teenagers who don't speak a word of Chinese that is). We also met lots of the boys going to the high school of course. They all had matching green bags that we thought looked really cool, since military style garb was all the rage back in those just-pre-grunge days. They were flattered by this, and excitedly ran to their school store room and yoinked a couple for us to take home. I've carried this bag as a purse numerous times through the years since then, and you can still faintly see the signed names of the boys who gave me the bag in the inside flap.

Today, some 20 years after this all happened, I went in to work on a whim while carrying said bag, since I was driving by randomly anyway, and have a need for ribbon, and thought it would be smart to check the clearance section before going to some other store like I usually would. *ahems* Long story now coming to a shorter end- I was stopped in the ribbon aisle by an Asian woman who asked about the bag. "Funny story, that..." I said, and ended up telling her even more of the whole thing than I've told you. Turns out she asked about it because her husband had been a student at the boys high school, probably around the same time that I was visiting! I showed her the names in the bag just because it would have been an extra insane coincidence if she had recognized any of them, or if her husbands had been there, but it was not.

Still, random!!!!

And yes, standard 'not dead' disclaimer... not dead, sorry I never post, too much to say, etc, sorry I suck, etc... Love you all!
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Note to Facebook: 'Something' is one of those words people don't like when it's the only subject you use in your sentence: "Something went wrong. We're working on getting it fixed as soon as we can. We're sorry for the inconvenience."

Oooookay? What's the Something? How wrong are we talking? Should I be waiting? Will there be dragons if I don't? I could use a little more input while I decide whether I should actually attempt to care...

...and in case it was not abundantly clear, yes, I still pretty much hate Facebook.
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