hippybngstockng: (sad coffee is sad)

Why is my coffee shaking?!

I don't like my coffee shaking!!

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Birthdate:Oct 1
Location:Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
You know that weird girl? I am that weird girl.

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abortion rights, all-night diners, alternative lifestyles, animal rights, animals, autism, autism spectrum disorder, bad examples, beauty in the ordinary, big stompy boots, bisexuality, black clothes, black paper, bowls, caffeine, canada, candles, casual nudity, cats, chocolate, civilian space program, clunky shoes, coffee, cooking, cordelia's dad, crafting, crafts, cuddling, diy, dogs, dropping out, eccentricity, eclectic tastes, experiences over possessions, family, farscape, film, flea markets, food, found objects, freaks, futurama, gaming, garlic, geek chicks, geeks, glasses, graphic novels, gta, hair dye, halloween, hampshire college, hot tubs, hugs, ikea, independent films, indian food, individualism, insanity, journaling, kids, knitting, late night drives, learning, letters, livejournal, love, lyrics, minimalism, motherhood, movies, mugs, music, nerds, non-fiction, open-mindedness, otters, over-analyzing, parenting, pets, photography, piano, playing, polaroids, polyamory, probably other things, procrastination, psychology, purple, questioning myself, radiohead, ranting, reproductive rights, sandman, sarcasm, science fiction, sensuality, sex, sex-postive, sexuality, shaved heads, simplicity, sleeping, spinning wheels, spirituality, star trek, stealing livejournal interests, stick shifts, stompy boots, stupid movies, tattoos, the tragically hip, thinking, thrift stores, ticking time bombs, time travel, toddlers, tolerance, toronto, touch, travelling, unexpected displays of affection, unexplained intuitions, unfixable situations, used books, velvet, watching people, weird colored hair, weird museums, weirdness, weirdos, women who love themselves, words, working from home, world of colbertcraft, writing, yarn, you
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