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So, five minutes after I made my previous post about my Boss' awesomeness and my embarrassing moments at work, I managed to make myself actually LATE for work by, and I'm not kidding when I say this, spilling coffee on one of my cats. That is a reason so dumb you really can't make it up, but it was serious all the same. The coffee in question was brutally fresh and hot, and the cat in question (Purrrl) reacted rather strongly to it being spilled on her, so of course I had to chase her down and drag her up to the bathroom for a soothing cool bath. She hated that too, but at least she no longer had a hot/wet coffee spot on her, and was no longer scared. I knew I should technically email my boss, but yeah, I knew what his reaction was going to be.

When I got to work, they were waiting for me, I tells ya.... It was not because I was late, oh no, they wanted to mock me for being NEW :D We had a really good laugh about that, and I did tell my boss that I really like him, but in the context of his being lucky because that was what kept me from killing him for embarrassing me. *chuckle* Then I finally went ahead and said I wanted to tell him why I was late, and had decided to tell him in person. You already know the punch line, so I won't keep you waiting- His reaction: Doubled over laughing.

That's my boss. :D
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