Jul. 24th, 2011

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I think it is hilarious when someone with really huge personal problems dies, mostly because of the reactions of certain people.... Let's talk about Amy Winehouse as an example.

Yes, I put up a video as a tribute. I do this because A) I like Amy Winehouse's music, and B) I have a lot of sympathy for broken people who can still create amazing music at the same time, probably because I'm a really broken person who still tries to create stuff, and I can't seem to make anything as cool as what she's done.

Does my putting up a tribute to her mean that I care more about her than anything else in the world? No, I would have to say most certainly not. Should I then feel bad that I posted about her, instead of, I dunno, issues in the world, or I dunno, the latest study on how global warming affects people's parenting skills? I don't think so.

But certain people seem to get really bent out of shape when other people pay any kind of attention to it when someone with negative personal issues dies, like it is somehow something we should celebrate instead. As a person with a few negative personal issues, that is sort of WHY I post a tribute, since I understand how hard it was for someone like Amy Winehouse to get through a simple day. I understand that eventually it was just too hard for her, and whatever happened probably did happen for that reason, and I don't feel like it's appropriate to just say "well she probably deserved it" just because her pain is now ended.

It's also not appropriate to try to take away the sympathy of others for that person by trying to imply that there are other more important things to talk about than the death of someone with negative personal issues. It's like trying to pretend the only people worth talking about are the people who don't have any of those issues. Turn to the person next to you and ask them if they never heard a story in their home town of a school teacher who turned out to have a terrible drinking or gambling problem, or a mayor with a mistress, or anyone with any kind of secret. Are you so clean that you can't look at Amy Winehouse and not see even the thin shade of something you yourself might have a problem with? She just had more than most people. She also made amazing music that I liked, and I will miss it. I'm sorry other people in the world die, but my journal isn't about the world, it's about me and what I like. You can get over yourself and read something else if you have a problem with that.

Thanks for listening.

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