Jun. 19th, 2011

hippybngstockng: (Hey Bill- By Greyaenigma)
I was doing some maintenance of my lj lists and it caused me to actually go through my friends and look at who's left of y'all. It is a sign that I am getting older and more secure in who I am that I noticed a LOT of changes there, and only got slightly bent out of shape about one person that deleted me, and then I chuckled and decided I'm not going to be bent out of shape about it since this actually simples up my life up a lot.

That being said.... Yep, I feel pretty zen these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm really still NOT zen about a large number of things, but my LJ is no longer one of the things I am not zen about. If you don't want to read me, that is beyond fine. Just don't spit on me in the street and we're cool. If you've been thinking about removing me, GET DOWN with your bad self already and just do it.

It's national un-friending day on hippy's lj... Enjoy!

(for reference- have the video that made me laugh over on Facebook, which I just hate because it's Facebook) (eta: by which I mean you should watch the video, which is funny as hell, and then go about wildly un-friending people you don't really want to know on facebook, which I think is useless and stinky anyway. not that I hate this video. it is awesome and features william shatner. this is what I get for posting before 7am.)


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