Aug. 17th, 2010

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A Not-So-Funny thing happened to me during my really fun weekend...

I got caught in the massive rain storm wearing my glasses (with their handy-dandy reflective coating) and sunscreen (with its fabulous array of chemicals), and the combination of elements began to eat the AR coating right off my lenses, rendering them kinda, well, FUCKED.

Fast forward to later, when having made a couple inquiries, the internet tells me what I need is actually something we sell at work, called Armour Etch, which makes actual glass really damn foggy, but if you rub it all over your poly carbonate eyeglass lens that is having some offensive AR coating wear off, it will be shiny and like new! But also SHINY and did I mention reflective? Oh well. I am sure I can get used to that again, since that was my life for a bjillion years when I was a kid wearing glasses and they didn't have fancy shit like AR coatings and transition lenses still looked stupid.

BUT that's the sad part- My other non-stupid looking transitioning glasses that I thought had the exact same problem? They turn out to have some other kind of problem that is making them bubble that mere etching cream does not seem to want to address. I am trying to google it, but for some reason the word bubbling makes it want to tell me about how it's not smart to soap your camera lenses. SO MUCH DUH.

Any glasses wearers who have had bubbling on the surface coating of their lenses before? I am tempted to start taking other chemicals to them, like sunscreen or nail polish remover, since they were already ruined, so the worst I can do is ruin them more.


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