Apr. 11th, 2010

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Total random moment of the day which requires back-story...

Once upon a time I used to be able to sing pretty well, before I was a raging bongstocking that is, and I used to join every choir my school would be running during school hours just so I didn't have to take more boring classes. One of these choirs was lucky enough to be good enough that some people decided it would be fun to take us on neat trips, one of those being all the way to Taiwan. Yes, I got to go to the other side of the planet, just to sing, and I didn't have to pay for it...

While I was there, one of the other members of my choir and I totally randomly ended up at this all boys high school that was having a performance of their choir that day, so we got to crash it. It was amazing because they happened to include a Chinese song we had learned for our trip, so we got the bonus of getting to hear what it should have properly sounded like (when not being butchered by american teenagers who don't speak a word of Chinese that is). We also met lots of the boys going to the high school of course. They all had matching green bags that we thought looked really cool, since military style garb was all the rage back in those just-pre-grunge days. They were flattered by this, and excitedly ran to their school store room and yoinked a couple for us to take home. I've carried this bag as a purse numerous times through the years since then, and you can still faintly see the signed names of the boys who gave me the bag in the inside flap.

Today, some 20 years after this all happened, I went in to work on a whim while carrying said bag, since I was driving by randomly anyway, and have a need for ribbon, and thought it would be smart to check the clearance section before going to some other store like I usually would. *ahems* Long story now coming to a shorter end- I was stopped in the ribbon aisle by an Asian woman who asked about the bag. "Funny story, that..." I said, and ended up telling her even more of the whole thing than I've told you. Turns out she asked about it because her husband had been a student at the boys high school, probably around the same time that I was visiting! I showed her the names in the bag just because it would have been an extra insane coincidence if she had recognized any of them, or if her husbands had been there, but it was not.

Still, random!!!!

And yes, standard 'not dead' disclaimer... not dead, sorry I never post, too much to say, etc, sorry I suck, etc... Love you all!


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